Plant care

This is how you enjoy fresh strawberries all season long

ABZ Seeds onze aardbei
ABZ Seeds onze aardbei

'Homemade Happiness'

You can enjoy Holland Strawberry House's ever-bearing strawberries all season long, until autumn, if you take good care of the plants.

This is how you optimally care for your strawberry plants.

Place the strawberry plants in a sunny spot in the garden.

Provide regular and sufficient water and fertilize about once a week.

In rainy weather, the fruits can rot quickly. A bed of straw under the plants ensures that the fruits dry up quickly after each rain shower and that no soil is splashed against the fruits.

If you want to grow strawberry plants in a nice decorative pot or container, make sure you have good truss support. If the truss nods, the strawberries will have difficulty growing and the taste will also be disappointing.

Pick the strawberries regularly for best results. Perhaps this tip is a bit redundant... because you’ll see that your children will always be ahead of you!

With strawberries in your garden, you will have fun with the family all summer long.

This is what we call: 'Homemade Happiness'.

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