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Opening of the Glass Home Room - To which the Plant Sale has contributed


Special Shipping Company day for sponsors of Royal Dutch Rescue Society Andijk

ABZ Seeds has sponsored the KNRM in Andijk a couple of times, and as a thank you for this we received an invitation to a spectacular Shipping Company Day.


Sunny strawberry plant sale for charity

On Saturday morning, May 6, garden enthusiasts could buy strawberry plants again at ABZ Seeds on the Vleetweg in Andijk.


Plant sale ABZ Seeds for charity: great fun

A nice and busy plant sale took place last Saturday, at ABZ Seeds. The plant buyers, from young to old, can enjoy their own home grown fresh strawberries all Summer long.




Taste strawberry 'Soraya' at het Keetje in Lutjebroek

Unique opportunity to taste new strawberry 'Soraya' before it hits the supermarket shelves.


Handball girls from Andijk 'score' with Estavana

On Saturday morning, July 31st, 2021, the festive baptism of the new strawberry variety “Estavana” took place at strawberry seed breeder ABZ Seeds in Andijk. The strawberry was poured over with real strawberry champagne by none other than Estavana Polman herself! It was an impressive and sporty introduction to this new tasteful strawberry.


ABZ Seeds director Gé Bentvelsen in the Andijker

One breeder lives in Andijk and works in Enkhuizen, the other breeder works in Andijk and lives in De Streek.


Bed-and-Breakfast for pollinators is open!

At Holland Strawberry House we do everything we can to make the garden as insect-friendly as possible.

We have sown beautiful bee (and other pollinator!) friendly flowers and built a beautiful insect hotel.


Biodiversity at ABZ Seeds

At ABZ Seeds we do more than just breed strawberries. We also have a warm heart for nature.

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