Grow your own

Homegrown strawberries are always the best

ABZ Seeds onze aardbei
ABZ Seeds onze aardbei

Sowing and growing

Growing strawberries, yourself is fun to do and you can enjoy the pleasure of eating something you have grown yourself: home-grown strawberries are always the best!

The best time to sow is from early February to mid-April.

Spread the seeds in a container with fine potting soil. If you cover the seeds, do so with a thin layer  of white sand, for example.

Moisten the potting soil with a mist sprayer. Seal the container with plastic wrap to retain the moisture. Place the tray in a light spot at a temperature of about 22 C. When the seeds have germinated, the plastic can be removed, and the temperature can be reduced to 18/14 C.

After 4-6 weeks, when the first true leaf has emerged, you can transplant the plants into pots.

When 4-5 leaves have developed, you can plant them outside from the end of April. Before planting out, it is good to let the plants get used to the outside temperatures by hardening off. This is done by putting them outside during the day for a few days (up to a week or two) and cover them at night, to protect against possible frost.

Harvest your delicious fresh strawberries from the end of June until the first frost in September-October.

Under 'Plant care' you can read more about how to keep the plants healthy and vital, so that you can enjoy them for a long time.