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ABZ Seeds onze aardbei
ABZ Seeds onze aardbei

Where can you buy our strawberry plants and seeds?

Plants and seeds of our strawberry varieties are available at garden centres, online retailers, hardware stores and supermarkets. Please ask your garden centre or other retailer, during the season, whether they have seeds or plants of our varieties available.

Seeds for amateur growers can also be ordered at web shops such as:

Vreeken's Zaden (NL)

Garden Seeds BV (NL)

Muller Seeds (NL)

Kiepenkerl (DE)

Gärtnerland (DE)

Saat-24 (DE)

Wyss Samen und Pflanzen (CH)

Thompson & Morgan (UK)

Marshalls Garden (UK) 

Mr Fothergills (UK) 

Sanrival Jardin (FR)

We do not sell directly to private individuals.

Because we do not supply our varieties directly to the retail sector, it is not always clear where the consumer can ultimately buy our varieties. Of course we try to keep the information up-to-date, but it is of course possible that the range of the relevant (online) store has changed.